Behavioral Analytics for Everyone

At Soft Cloud Tech, we believe that Security effectiveness often boils down to how quickly the thousands of alerts generated daily can be handled. Unfortunately, the isolated, incomplete information of an alert makes it very difficult to figure out what is going on and what needs to happen next. 

Advance Machine Learning behavioral analytics from companies like Fortscale can be natively embedded within security devices, so it can be easily used to pinpoint risks quickly, adjust policy enforcement dynamically, and strengthen overall security.

Data Collection & Integration

Fortscale easily integrates with data repositories to fetch the appropriate user access log data for all your business-critical applications—the connectors are pre-configured so integration and configuration is a snap.

  • Unlike most other UBA solutions, Fortscale is application agnostic
  • You get unprecedented visibility into malicious user behavior across all your standard and proprietary business-critical applications

Adaptive Analytics Engine

Only the Fortscale Analytics Engine applies adaptive machine learning and statistical analysis to build comprehensive behavioral models on all active users, employees, and contractors, across every application, device, and service within your network environment.

  • Over time, the system learns (indeed, defines) what truly constitutes normal user, peer group, and organization-wide behavior
  • While other security solutions identify anomalous “dots” using static, predefined rules or statistical thresholds, only Fortscale can connect the dots by analyzing hundreds of millions of access events across dynamic timeframes and more than 50 statistical categories
  • As a result, you can rapidly pinpoint high-risk activities from individual rogue users or co-conspirators—no other solution comes close

Rapid Investigation and Response via Analyst Interface

Using powerful anomaly aggregation and data visualization capabilities, the Fortscale dashboard provides analysts with the information that they need to rapidly reduce resolution time.

  • Precise Alert generation is derived from sophisticated machine learning algorithms operating on historical data and context learned over vast timespans—quarters and years. The solution then delivers prioritized alerts to security analysts via an elegant, intuitive interface
  • Armed with a comprehensive understanding of user behavior in all contexts and easy-to-use investigation tools, analysts will finally have the insight and agility they need to dramatically streamline investigations and neutralize intruders as never before possible

Scalable Platform

Fortscale is built on a Cloudera-certified Hadoop architecture to address the scalability and performance issues required to analyze enterprise-class attacks.

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